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Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 Questions with Albert Bell...Question 3

Michelle:  Have you encountered any problems in writing a second book about the same characters?

Albert:  Yes, I have. Because I wasn't thinking about a second (or third) book when I wrote the first one, I set it in a neighborhood that's a long way from the nearest town. That was the area I was visiting when I got the idea for the first book. But it means Steve and Kendra don't have much mobility. As 11-year-olds they have to ride a bus to school and be driven to town by an adult. I'm not sure how many mysteries they can solve within a small radius around their houses. There's also the issue of how many characters from the first book can appear in later books without spoiling the first one. I have an idea for a third book in which Steve and Kendra would be visiting somewhere away from their homes, but I've got to finish a couple of other projects first.

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